To-do list for bd

Pri Task ETA With %
1   Lorum ipsum 1/15 Friday He, She 100%
a. Get correct pages.
b. Extract html from old pages to create new pages.
c. Render top graphic: Get improved company logo, draw new graphic, pour in JavaScript.
Changes: She drew it; I refined it and poured the graphic into the pages. No mouse-overs, so no JavaScript needed.
d. Add He's new pages.
e. Add persistence: Cookies if we can, hidden form fields if we can't.
Changed: Found JavaScript to do cookies, and He will actually bolt it on while I work on task #2.
f. Discuss implementation with He.
He will finish implementing for WebTV.
g. Do small "get connected now" graphic for home page using same style as setup pages.
Changed: Boss decided the old one was good enough, given time constraints.
Pri Task ETA With %
2   Dolor sit amet 1/15 Friday Them 25%
a. If they don't have a domain name ("theirdomain is null" in SQL-speak), halt and catch fire.
b. Update to the new method. See ZDnet for gory details. << I AM HERE
c. Make sure we can do a secure connection to their box; use, the good version.
d. Install trace: On the server, poke the database when the visitor accepts.
Pri Task ETA With %
3   ipsum dolor 1/15 Friday She, He 20%
a. Fix logo layout defect in NN.
b. Finish graph.
c. Hook text & graphics into the page layout.
d. Add "Get details" text link to web pages and secure pages. Eventually all will go under /abc/ instead of /xyz/.
e. Test it on a Unix server.