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exhibit 1 New media style guide
Helps the web team, engineering team, and other departments creating online content to unify the look of their pages. Produced as a spare-time project for the client.
Noteworthy: JavaScript rollovers, framed and non-framed layout, cross-browser layout with background GIF.
Special thanks to Encanto Networks for permission to show their logo and artwork here.

exhibit 2 Template for frequently asked questions
A framework for a FAQ with about 10 sections, each with 10 or more questions in each section. Designed to emulate a client's then-current web site style.
Noteworthy: Information architecture: ease of navigation and searching without a search engine or database.

exhibit 3 Just my type
What's the best tool to produce text as a GIF for a web page? This illustrated guide compares about 40 different combinations of various tools and settings.
Noteworthy: Document design, JavaScript. Oo-ooh, popup windeos!

exhibit 4 To-do list
Keep track of all those details for all the projects on your plate, but without spending all that time to learn Microsoft Project.
Noteworthy: Document design, automatic timestamp. This is one of those utility-player pages: not a star, but something that gets used at almost every job.

exhibit 5 CGI forms that mail their data
Two different forms to request information, verifying it and mailing it to an e-mail address for further action.
Noteworthy: Automatically filling out parts of the form based on earlier input (in the new-address form), verification and correction, and two forms that use one CGI script.


Some things couldn't appear here because they were locked away on an intranet, or were next-generation projects that haven't been released to the public, or contained too much proprietary content. But this gives you an idea of the range of projects that I've done.

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